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Apostle/Pastor Mamie Jones                                                                                                

       Mamie was saved in 1969 under the ministry of R.W. Shambach it was through his ministry God planted the seed of faith into her life.  Elder/Evangelist Mamie Jones have spent much time in prayer leadership for the building up of the Kingdom of God being an Exhorter to God’s hurting people, as well as working with the evangelistic outreach teams and working very close with the pastor and leadership in altar working. 

Mamie Jones was called to the Prophetic Ministry at an early age and walks in this office under the unction of God, and freely flows in the gifts of the spirit.

 She has hosted a weekly hour preaching/teaching radio program and have hosted six radio stations in the USA.  As well as women conferences and retreats as well as being a guest speaker for conferences and seminars as well as a revivalist. Founder of the Christian Widow Connection in Buffalo NY.  She Host a yearly Apostolic/Prophetic Conference in Phoenix Arizona, Ministry luncheons and Summit’s.  Her Ministry hosts an annual Christmas Celebration giving back to the community, gifts and a Christmas meal to over 80 children and adults.

 The Lord called her into full time ministry 1996 and she faithfully goes where God Calls She has travel to many areas in USA as well as international travel. She served as the administrative secretary, treasure and assistant Amour Bearer to the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship of Western New York and Vicinity, under Overseer Jeffery B. Bowens.

In October 2004, Prophetess Jones was called by God to relocate to Phoenix AZ, In May 2010 Prophetess Jones received her official Ordination as Pastor and Consecration to the Office of Apostle under the covering of Pastor Dennis and Apostle Eva Gonzales of The Fruit of the Spirit Ministry in Sante Fe NM

She serves as the Senior Pastor of Lookupandlive-Center of Intercession  in Phoeniz AZ Where she has on going pastoral counseling and teachings and training sessions  to the members and those in spiritual need along with ongoing outreach street ministry, daily Intercessory, healing and deliverance prayer meetings.

     Apostle Mamie Jones holds a Bachelor degree in Practical Prophetic Ministry.  Graduate of Stratford Business School majoring in business administration and Buffalo Vocational Adult Education as a licensed nurse.

     She is an author of “The Real Story Behind Pain” a book that has bless many,  “Understanding the Power of Darkness”, Understanding the Prophetic Mantle and currently writing “The Third Heaven”   

Apostle  Mamie Jones