Elderly   Appointment Companion


Do you need a personal-Driver to  get you to your important destinations in the city.


                                                            What I offer

Loving and caring escort of your  elderly love one to their appointments

They must  walk or may need some light assistance-   Cane or Walker

Monitor love one - check in on your love one while you are away or live out of town

Monitor their quality of life and needs.   

You can hire me to sit with them,  have conversation,  have tea,  to help with loneliness.

report to you each visit.

Travel Companion



Timely service. With a smile. Sense of humor

Clean and dependable transportation.   (Sedan)

Clean driving record

Safe driver

Finger print clearance

Good character references

Proof of Insurance

Will Pick up from door.   Return to Their Door.

                                                    I will escort  your love one to:

Doctor appointments


  • Dental appointments

  • Outpatient cosmetic procedures

        chemotherapy, dialysis, and other outpatient procedures and tests

  • Eye examinations

  • Hair salon

  • Trips to the pharmacy

  • Grocery shopping


  • Trips to the post office

  • Trips to the bank

  • Visits with friends and family members.

  •  (Will Travel with client) additional  fees applied


  • Will escort to

Meetings with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors


Time starts  upon pick up   and  ends upon  return.

 (CASH /CREDIT CARD). VISA /MC /DISC /DEBIT/AMX. –(proof of ID needed)first time


  • Hourly.     Min  (3hr)                      $22.00 per  hr


  • Full day.   Prepaid      8hr.              ($130)        Additional hours.   $16.00 per hour             


  • Service.     6 hr.   8hr.     12 hr.             Time slots. @    18.00 hr


  • Weekly hire        30 hr  to 40 hr         @ 15.00 hr


Availability.   Monday to Friday.      8am to 6pm.      Time  Negotiable            

Contact.     Appointmentcompanionaj@aol.com      480-409-8879

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