March 22, 2016

The Real Story behind Pain 20.00 +5.75 sh

Many people feel that  pain is a personal subject   but pain is a universal  matter  that everyone

 has to deal with at one time or another.   In this writing  you will see   how to conqure the lies the

enemy has told you.  There is hope  and  deliverance  through the Blood of Jesus Christ  Isa  53:5


March 22, 2016

Understanding the power of Darkness 25.00 + 5.75 sh


We fight what we know not   if we do not understand  what is fighting us!   This  writing  

will open your understanding to the influences that are causing the havoc and disappointment      

to mankind. We cannot not defeat what we do not understand.not understand.tand

March 22, 2016

Understanding the Prophet's Mantle 50.00+ 5.75 sh

Have you ever  wonder why you feel alone,  you never fit in,  people call you weired   

you see,  you hear,   and know things  but do not know how to put it into words

come let me explainn somethings to you....  you are not crazy   just  unusual!

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Understanding the Power of  Darkness


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Understanding the Prophet's Mantle


Anointing oil  5.00

Prayer Shawl     25.00